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Language and lexicon: structure and processing short essay

I am writing a paper on for psychology on language and lexicon.
I need to also write an introduction and references
Define language and lexicon
Evaluate the key features of language
Describe the four levels of language structure and processing
Analyze the role of language processing in cognitive psychology

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Define language and lexicon
Language is the means for humans' speaking ability. Language enables us to communicate with each other, our thoughts and feelings, ideas and concepts, likes, our dislikes, fears, dreams and affirmations. Babies talk the baby talk and babble. At every stage of our lives, we learn new words, meanings and contexts in which words, phrases get used. Different cultures have different languages, sub-dialects, syntax and lexicon or all the vocabulary and grammatical components of each language.

Evaluate the key features of language

Key features of language include its words and their ...

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