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    Paper explaining Language, Lexicon and development

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    Define language and lexicon.

    Evaluate the key features of language.

    Describe the four levels of language structure and processing.

    Analyze the role of language processing in cognitive psychology.

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    Language and Lexicon

    Language is that sound made between like species with the purpose of communication. The definition of language is made up from several parts. Those parts are a characteristics combination of communicative, arbitrary, structured, generative, and dynamic (Willingham, 2002). Communicative is that back and forth between people. To have a conversation with another person there needs to be communication, one person says something then the other person says something. Arbitrary is the relationship between the elements of language and their meaning (Willingham, 2002). During conversation the use of words is chosen by the speaker(s); not necessarily with any particular reason. One word could have been used just as well as another. The part of language that deals with the pattern of symbols not arbitrary is structured. Even though the words used could be random, the order in which the words are used is not. It makes a difference in the meaning to say words in an order; especially adjectives. Units of language used to build limitless numbers of meanings is called generative. A word could have multiple meanings. Language is changing constantly, new words are added as the rules of grammar change, it is not static, making language dynamic. In addition as new technology is produced new words to give name to the technology is created. The brain's ability to recognize words through a matching process is best described as a mental dictionary. That mental dictionary is called lexicon. The lexicon holds all the words we know and the pronunciation, spelling, and parts of speech of each word (Willingham, 2002).

    Some key features of ...

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