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Cognitive psychology and language processing

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What is language and lexicon and what are their key features. There are four levels of language and processing, what are their roles in regards to cognitive psychology.

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The solution discusses cognitive psychology and language processing.

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1) What is language and lexicon and what are their key features?

To me, language is the ability to communicate your thoughts to others and to understand theirs. Language consists of symbols and principles that are stored as representations and cognitive processes in the human mind, and it allows us the ability to transmit and comprehend these processes. According to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), "language is arguably the most beautifully complex and valuable aspect of cognition" (p. 383). Working memory, pattern recognition, and knowledge representation are all critical aspects of language. Words and rules as to how their made up and combined (grammar) are the most basic feature of language. As humans, we come to implicitly know what words means, and the grammar associated with our native language.

Language is made of characteristic and defining features. The defining features are more important as far as what language is, and will be noted here. One ...

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