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    Importance of Cognitive Psychology and Use in Other Disciplines

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    Why is it important to study cognitive psychology? How can principles of cognitive psychology be used in other disciplines (e.g., education, business)?

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    Cognitive psychology is the study of how people perceive, learn, remember and think about information (Sternberg, 2006). According to Sternberg, studying cognitive psychology helps scientist to understand how people thought in past generations by examining processes of thinking today to avoid making past mistakes. For instance, cognitive learning involves mental processes such as attention and memory. Therefore, a cognitive psychologist might study how individuals remember facts or how they learn a particular language. Several developments have been advanced in the areas of cognitive psychology for use in education and business concentrated on specific cognitive tasks such as: (a) demanding attention,(b) working memory,(c) self-memory, (d)linguistic processing, and (e) performance. In her study, Lineweaver (2010) conducted a study in which online discussions was a required component for ...