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Five Types of Actors

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There are five types of actors: Impersonator, Personality, Star, Wild Card, and Character. Come up with examples of each type of actor (in addition to those identified in the text) and explain in detail why you think they fit each particular category.

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This solution discusses the five types of actors including impersonator, personality, star, wild card, and character

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Impersonator actors are actors who copy the actions, dialect, and behavior of another character as opposed to creating a character of his or her own. If you ever watched a show like Saturday Night Live, the cast does a tremendous job of acting out skits as other characters. They have performed as just about everyone famous, from the President, to Sean Connery, and in some cases are very convincing. A few years ago Tina Fey performed as Sarah Palin, and people could not tell the two apart. When Bill Clinton was president (and a mist of a scandal with Monica Lewinsky), they opened every show with a soap opera-type skit. Every cast member was part of the cabinet. It was about the funniest thing I ever watched on television! Bill Clinton ...

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