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    Critique of an Article - Beyond Traditional Research on Mergers and Acquisitions

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    Please critique the article found at the web address below. Identify the methodology, gap and key findings.


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    Beyond Traditional Research on Mergers

    While there has been research on value for mergers for companies which has been used for decades, the fact remains that despite the proposed findings, the merger failure rate is more than 50% or higher. Despite this disappointing history global M&A activity continues to increase at a phenomenal rate, nearing triple over four years from 2004 to 2007. It was the global financial crisis that put brakes to spiral growth. With trillions of dollars at risk each year it became important for researchers and practitioners to find ways to curtail M&A failures as previous research had no measurable impact on failure rates.

    As innovative approaches to M&A research are required application of complexity science has been used to explain and manage organizational change in environments of uncertainty. The purpose of the study is to identify and explore variables that are responsible for out-of-track behavior of M&A. The research model identified critical actors which play a role in success or failure of M&A. These are:

    > Dependent variable- e.g. adaptability to change
    > Independent variable- e.g. Openness
    > Mediating variable- e.g. positive emotional attractor, shared vision
    According to the research model, if M&A personnel's attitude towards M&A activity is ...

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    The beyond traditional research on mergers and acquisitions.