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    Strategic and Psychological Preparation for Mergers - Article Review

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    Please critique Articles 11 attached, identify methodology, gap and key findings
    Please critique the article below as best you can, including an identification of the methodology used, the gap and any key findings the writer may have concluded.


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    Together, Marks and Marvis, the authors participated in "over 70 mergers and acquisitions (Marks & Marvis, 2001, p. 80) specifically on the "action research program investigating and addressing human, cultural, and organizational aspects of corporate combinations (Marks & Marvis, 2001, p. 81) which is what they drew on in writing the article. This combined experience is very valuable when writing on a topic that "[for] legal and competitive reasons, merger negotiations are shrouded in secrecy" (Marks & Marvis, 2001, p. 80) and thus gives the article more credence than those written by academics who have no real experience as regards actual mergers and acquisitions (M&As) since this very secrecy makes it difficult for purely academic researchers to collect first hand data.

    In the first part of ...

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    The expert examines strategic and psychological preparations for mergers.