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Merger and acquisitions critique

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Read: Enhancing the success of mergers and acquisitions: an organizational culture perspective - Mike Schraeder

To critique a merger and acquisition article in order to highlight gaps in the literature review, the method of analysis used in the methodology and the reasons for failure or sucess of the M&A.

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Enhancing the success of mergers and acquisition for an organizational culture perspectives are provided.

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Article 12

Organizational culture needs to be addressed for a merger or acquisition to be successful. This area is often overlooked or considered a low priority. Analysis of the literature shows definite gaps in how the organization's culture is considered in relation to the merger and its success. Cultural characteristics are vast, but themes such as customer service, attitudes toward innovation, and employee concerns such as loyalty and attitudes should be part of a pre merger study.

The article looks at pre event and post event perspectives. It notes the expectations and how those expectations are compared with the challenges in the ...

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