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An analysis of the EADS group: Article Analysis

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Please critique the following article:
Barmeyer, C., & Mayrhofer, U. (2008). The contribution of intercultural management to the success of international mergers and acquisitions: An analysis of the EADS group. International Business Review, 17(1), 28-38

In your critique, please include and identification of methodology, as well as the gap and key findings.

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Step 1
The methodology is a longitudinal study of integration process of the EADS group that results from the merger of the French company Aerospatiatle-Matra, the German company DASA and a Spanish company CASA. The longitudinal observations were carried out from 2000 to 2006. The empirical study was based on secondary data that that has been collected by the corporate university of the EADS group. The collected data has been analyzed using the qualitative interpretive approach. Primary interview data has been collected from 16 French and German managers in different locations. The managers were asked to describe an intercultural managerial situation of the integration and examine the different assumptions and approaches perceived.

Step 2
The gap:
The collection of the primary data is inadequate. There are very few interviews conducted. In addition, the ...

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of longitudinal study of integration process of the EADS group. The response also contains the sources used.

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