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Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on their chosen research article?

Your expert objective response should contribute thoughtful, unique and interesting information to add to their discussion.

This is their discussion:

Hi all, I used the words "Internet Therapy" and was directed to a research article about internet cognitive behavior therapy. "Considerations in the Development of a Therapist-Assisted Internet Cognitive Behavior Therapy Service" (TAICBT), (Hadjistavropoulos@ all, 2001). Internet therapy has advantages over face to face contact because it takes less time to talk to a client over the phone or via e-mail this gives the therapist time to explain assignment that the client needs to work on at home during the week before they talk again. This is a great way to get to more clients that cannot get to an office or do not want others to see them entering a therapists office (Andersson, 2010). The lead author of this paper Hadjistavropoulos developed the TAICBT service to help clinical psychology student to get training in this new field and help with the research and development of the program.

The group got their funding through a grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research and Saskatchewan Health and Research Foundations. They got their licenses with the help of the co-authors Klein and Austin who head a program in Australia. The process of informed consent was done by the clients going to a web site and reading the forms signing them electronically, the forms meet the requirements of the research ethics board. The group employed professionals from around the territory and students that were looking for the experience in this research field. They generated clients by using the phone and questioning them about participating in the research program.

I found this article very interesting and would like to find a research group conducting this type of research. It would so benefit the house-bound and those with time restraints by doing their assignments at home and connecting to the therapist regularly. It would also help those who do not want the world to know they are seeing a therapist. I really enjoyed reading this.

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