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Horizontal Trend Analysis of Coca Cola Income and Balance Statement

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1. Do trend analysis of the following income statement and balance sheet items over the last five-year period:

Income Statement
Sales, Cost of Sales (Cost of Goods Sold), Gross Margin (Gross Profit), Operating Income (income from continuing operations, combined foreign and domestic).

Balance Sheet
Cash, Accounts (Trade) Receivables, Inventories, Working Capital, Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Total Current Liabilities, Total Long Term Liabilities and Current Liabilities Combined.

2. Calculate the ratios outlined in Exhibit 15-6 for the 2011 year only.

3. Prepare a report that includes the following: (1) a brief discussion of the trend analysis of the income statement, (2) a brief discussion of the trend analysis of the balance sheet, (3) a brief discussion of the ratios you have computed, including a comparison with industry averages. Include who would be most interested in each ratio (common stockholders, short-term creditors, and/or long-term creditors). Include all calculations.

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