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    Coca Cola Financial Analysis

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    Please help me with an analysis of the Coca-Cola Company for the years presented in The Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and some Accounting Concepts (Bruns, 1992a). This is not a traditional Harvard Case; however, use the exhibits as if the exhibits are the data present in a case.

    By doing the following, your analysis should answer the question, "How is Coke performing?":
    Compute a common-sized income statement and balance sheet for the years presented.

    Compute the following ratios and interpret them for the years presented:
    - Return on assets
    - Return on equity
    - Asset turnover
    - Current ratio
    - Debt ratio
    - Net profit margin

    The Accounting Framework, Financial Statements, and Somme Accounting Concepts
    by William J. Bruns, Jr.
    HBS # 9-193-028

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    The common size and ratio analysis for Coca Cola is determined. The Solution includes ratios for return on assets, return on equity, asset turnover, current ratio, debt ratio and net profit margin.