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    Meta-Analysis Research

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    1).What is a meta-analysis?

    2) Why is meta-analysis useful in research?

    3).What keywords or indicators in the title, abstract, or article that can help you identify if this type of scholarly article is definitely a meta-analysis type of research?

    4). Provide a general overview of a meta-analysis article, in other words summarize the main points of a meta-analysis article (e.g., for a research article, summarize research questions, population, findings, limitations, and recommendations for future study).

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    A meta-analysis is a scientific methodology of utilizing the combination of a plethora of different research findings or results in order to determine how these different research findings may be similar, as well as how these findings may differ. In addition, a meta-analysis helps to determine the congruent factors contained within different research to help to support the validity of given research findings, and or can be utilized to eliminate certain findings due to their invalidity. Meta-analysis is useful in research, largely due to the fact that this type of analysis ...

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    This solution describes the characteristics of the meta-analysis.