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    Literature Review Applications

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    Identify a research problem important to you in your practice. Formulate a research problem and purpose statement and include the population of interest. Describe four categories of literature review that would be important in addressing the research problem and leading you to your research questions. Identify 2-3 research questions directed at answering the research problem you identified.

    Thinks question related to continued education with placement of PICC lines by nurses in neonatal intensive care
    need a good starting point.

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    You've identified a pretty good topic. The best way to think of starting points for this is to figure out what potential issues can arise.
    What are some issues surrounding PICC line insertions for neonates? Done by nurses? Complications of PICC lines over longer term in general? For neonates?

    This website concisely describes the types of lit reviews one can ...

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    A brief discussion on when traditional / systemic / meta-analysis / meta-synthesis literature reviews can be useful, in the context of a specific research question regarding neonatal PICC line insertion. Some discussion on how best to identify a research question.