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Repeated Practice

What techniques provide students with opportunities for repeated practice and use? Match these techniques to three specific content areas and grade levels. Why are your practice and use techniques appropriate choices for the selected content areas and grade levels? Explain.

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Four strategies for review and practice include spiraling, modeling, transfer and cross-curricular collaboration.

Spiraling is a good strategy to use with mathematics, with fifth grade students/learners. These students are learning fractions, percentages and decimals, among other things, and spiraling is a technique that introduces a concept in the traditional way, but then the class spirals back to that concept a few days/weeks later for repeated practice and review, which is included in with practice for the concept that followed it. Again, a few days/weeks later, there is additional practice over the concept(s), again mixed in with the more recent topics. This spiraling for repeated practice over previously learned concepts prevents the new learned concepts from displacing the ...

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Strategies to use in elementary, middle and high school classes to help students review and practice concepts taught in class, with recommendations for particular strategies for age levels and subject uses. Web-based reference. Spiraling, modeling, transfer and others.