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    systematic desensitization

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    Give several examples where "systematic desensitization" works well in. Discuss if you any of you have done something similar with a problem or stressor in your own life (please do not discuss deeply personal issues). What are its strengths? Weaknesses?

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    As you give several examples where "systematic desensitization" works well both personally or professionally, please note that I have used it personally to help others with phobias such as the fear of public speaking, the fear of flying, the fear of snakes, and other common scenarios. Thus, it is an excellent strategy for all ages in order to encourage them to "face their fears" and see that "it can be done." It imparts hope and optimism.

    In turn, I think that its strengths are numerous. For example, please note that the repeated ...

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    Examples of systematic desensitization permeate from a personal viewpoint are examined.