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Mental & Physical Health relations study

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'Does mental health play a role in physical health?'

Using the same research question that you used last week, design a repeated measures experiment. Remember, in a repeated measures experiment, the same individuals are in each group; each individual receives all levels of the IV. Here's what to include.

1. Briefly remind us of your research question and your population.
2. Describe how you will obtain your sample from the larger population.
3. Describe the IV and the different treatment conditions that you will have in your study.
4. Describe how you will go about giving the different levels of the IV to each participant . . . for example, will you use counterbalancing? Will you test participants on different days? and so on.
5. Describe the dependent variable; use operational definitions and use only 1 DV.
6. Describe how you will control threats to internal validity (just a sentence or two).

Remember, not all research questions are suitable for a repeated measures study . . . .

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise to help a particular student put together a 'repeated measures experiment' by answering the questions (see above) related to a proposed subject of study. Resources are listed.

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Dear Student,

Basically you are asking help to create a repeated measures study. So, what to do? In repeated measures, you 'Take measurements on same subject over time or under different conditions'. Now, you recalled last time what we wanted to do was simple - we had 2 groups and now we will have the same. Now, I will teach you a very simple trick. In repeated measures, all that you need to change basically is the period of testing as you have to repeat it more than once - don't change text when you don't have to as basically this is the same test except it employs repeated measures. This way, you will be more than consistent. We will make it as simple as possible so the ideas remain the same except for the fact that you test it over time. Good luck!

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Research Question and Population

My research question is this - 'Does mental health play a role in physical health?' To explore this problem, I have translated it into a research topic which is 'The role of mental health in physical health'. The idea is to find out how these two different aspects of a person's health are related. To do this, I wanted to find out how exercise affects a person's physical health and how a much active lifestyle based on exercise and physical activities can lead to a better sense of self and a healthier well-being which is the mental aspect. The population of study I am targeting are my fellow students as they are the easiest ...

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