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6 Dimensions of Health

The six dimensions of health are Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental.

1.Identify which three of the six dimensions of health are your strongest. (Use any three)

2.Describe why you feel the identified three dimensions are your strongest areas.

3.Choose one of the three remaining dimensions you feel needs improvement. Briefly discuss why that dimension is important for you to address at this time.

4.Discuss personal choices you could make and habits you could change to improve your health in the domain you identified as a needs improvement area.

5.Discuss what you want to learn in this course to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Solution Summary

The solution is a simulated essay from a first-person viewpoint that provides a reflective analysis of personal practices, choices, habits and views in relation to the 6 dimensions of health that affects our lives and well being (see original problem).