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The articles reviews examine the following core components: Introductions, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion.

What are the focuses/topics of the articles you have selected?

What is the primary research questioner hypothesis of this research project? How are they different?

Discuss the research articles the authors cite in the articles. Do you think one author has a better literature review than the other? Why?

Discuss any differences or similar ties in the perspectives presented in each article.

Compare how the two articles collected the data.

Where the studies valid and reliable? In your opinion,which study proved its conclusion more effectively? Why?

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1. What is the primary research question or hypothesis of thesis research projects? How are they different?

The first article by D'Agostino and Hiestand examines the effect of summer school as an alternative to Chapter 1 education. Its hypothesis is that summer school should serve as an effective alternative.

However, Schifini's article examines reading instruction for older, struggling readers. Instead of looking at summer programs, this article's research question explores how teachers can help readers by providing high-interest, literature studies, chapter books, and other methodologies and materials.

These articles differ because one looks at an overall program's effectiveness, while the other article examines various teaching strategies and methodologies.

2. Discuss the research articles the authors cite in the articles.

Schifini cites studies based on race and ethnicity. He also uses data about non-English speakers. He also cites the 1994 NAEP study to include national data as well as research mainly from the state of California. He also cites Nancy Atwell, a constructivist reading researcher, one of the best in the field.

The other article's authors include research based on disadvantaged readers. They also cite math and reading scores from studies done in 1984-1993. However, most of their data came from Chicago Public Schools.

3. Do you think one author has a better literature review than the other? Why?or why not?

I maintain that Schifini has the better literature review because Schifini cites studies based on ...

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