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    Understanding how to motivate student learning.

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    How to engage students? Student engagement is highly correlated with learning and personal development. Teachers need ways to address motivation and cognitive engagement in student learning in meeting these challenges.

    Educators can motivate student learning while engaging students in their own learning processes. There is a need for motivational strategies that teachers can use to increase student engagement and academic success in the classroom.

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    Student academic performance may be raised if the teacher understands students' learning styles. Learning styles are discussed in the literature. Riener and Willingham (2010) contended that students differ in their abilities, interests, and background knowledge but not in their learning styles. Educators need to consider prior knowledge and background information because student learning style preferences may or may not impact the learning environment. If students ...

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    There is a need for educators to implement real-world applications into their instruction to help motivate students to learn. Students may be motivated if they make connections to their prior knowledge and experience. When students make connections to prior knowledge, they can take control and become autonomous in their own learning. Democratic learning could lead to an improvement in academic performance.