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Exploring and Applying Motivational Theories

Historically, theorists thought of motivation as the causative factor in all change. While today it is still accepted that motivation can be used to both enhance change and extinguish behaviors, theorists generally believe that motivation is only a part of change. They also recognize that motivation may be different for short- and long-term change.

Individuals with degrees in educational psychology may teach, consult, research, or work within a school setting to improve educational outcomes, in addition to many other roles. In each case, knowing how to apply theory to motivate learners, enhance learning, change environments, and explain success and failure are important skills to have.

To prepare for this Discussion, consider which motivational theory, out of those you have explored so far, you think provides the most compelling explanation of motivation. Think about how this theory accounts for short- and long-term change and how you could apply principles from this theory in an educational setting.

Post an explanation of which theory of motivation is most compelling to you and why. Then, explain how this theory accounts for short- versus long-term change. Finally, explain two ways in which you might apply principles from this theory in an educational setting.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

See the following articles:

Weiner, B. (2010). The development of an attribution-based theory of motivation: A history of ideas. Educational Psychologist, 45(1), 28-36.

Turner, J. H. (1987). Toward a sociological theory of motivation. American Sociological Review, 15-27.

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I hope you find the following information helpful. Please see the steps below.

Step 1 create an outline to address each part of the question.

The theory of motivation that is most compelling to me is the ??.. This theory was chosen because?..

For short term change this theory suggests??

For long term change this theory suggest?..

In an educational setting this theory can be applied in the following ways:

Step 2 now you have the perfect outline to fill in the information and post it. Please see my sample.


The theory of motivation that is most compelling to me is the attribution based theory. Weiner (2010) stated, "The goal of this approach is the formulation of a conception in which causes ...

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