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Organizational Ethics and Motivational Theory

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Organizational Ethics and Motivational Theory

I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 1,050-1,400-word paper in which discuss the importance of having an ethical program and the importance of purposefully applying motivational theories in an organizational setting using APA format.

Use and properly cite at least three references

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The response address the queries posted in 1323 words with references.

//This paper basically deals with the importance of having an ethical program in Organizations. It also discusses how the application of various motivational theories in organizational settings can be beneficial in the attainment of goals and objectives. The paper concludes by stating that both 'Ethical Programs' and 'Motivational Theories' occupy an important place in Organizations.//

Organizational Ethics and Motivational Theory


In present scenario, to maintain the competency and healthy working environment within the organization it is essential for the organization to incorporate some prominent strategies which are based on the proven practices and programs. To maintain ethics in the organization is very necessary in order to develop an ethical environment which in turn also assists the organization to incorporate value system in an effective manner. Ethical program assist the organization to achieve its objective by demonstrating its competent activities which are based on the ethical code of conduct.

This paper describes the importance of having an ethical program and also the importance of motivational theories which assist the reader to gain insight about the significance of implementing such kind of programs within the organization.

Importance of having an ethical program

There are various advantages of having an ethical program within the organization which also describes its importance from the business point of view. As ethical program is based on some policies, practices and formal rules, it offers the benefit to organization in order to effectively handle the ethical issues. Ethical programs include effective parts such as values, norms and standards which are based on the promising strategies in order to guide the conduct of employees which in turn also assist the organization to meet the standards of desired behavior. Ethical program also assist the organization to meet the expectations of stakeholders by describing the code of conduct in effective way (Corporate Ethics Programs, 2008).

//Ethical programs help the Organizations to effectively handle the ethical issues. In the following paragraph, we are going to discuss about the 'Three main aspects of an Ethical Program' in an Organization.//

There are mainly ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1323 words with references.

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