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    Motivation Theories and Organizational Behavior

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    Write a paper describing the significance of Theory Y, Cognitive evaluation theory, and goal-setting theory (motivation) and how they have influenced views on organizational behavior.

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    The success and failure of motivational strategies in a company depends on the interdependence of employees and the organization they work for. This is why organizations must motivate employees to complete tasks. Motivated employees will provide the organization with high job performance and morale, which will increase the company's output. What is motivation? Motivation can be thought of as the enthusiastic process to disburse energy to attain a goal (Becerra-Fernandez, Gonzales, & Sabherwal, 2004). The process begins with a psychological need that stimulates a force with a desire to reach a desired goal. A need is created by deficiency or imbalance exists. Employees are not the only entities on earth that have needs; organizations do as well. When an organization have a need, it is significant that decision-makers create a plan with incentives to motivate employees to reach the desired goal. Within this document, the author will discuss the motivational theories of Theory Y, Cognitive Evaluation Theory, and Goal-Setting Theory.

    Theory Y

    In the 1960s, modern philosopher Douglas McGregor proposed two unique views on the working people: Theory X, a negative view and Theory Y, a positive view. McGregor concluded that companies have a philosophy about their employees. Theory Y exhibits a relationship-oriented behavior. The Theory Y technique is more of a permissive and participative approach, concentrating more on the psychological and social needs of the employees. Organizations who adopt this theory attempts to assist their employees by exposing them to less authority control and more self-control. The company creates an environment for its employees where work is more enjoyable. Theory Y ...

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    This solution discusses motivation theories and how they have influenced the views on organizational behavior.