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Impact of Organizational Behavior on Organization Success

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Utilizing the science of Organizational Behavior and the collective knowledge and theories related to this topic please reflect on how the study and application of organizational behavior concepts can contribute to organizational success. Be specific by referencing specific concepts and the organizational benefits of applying them.

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The impact of organizational behavior on organization success is examined. The collective knowledge and theories related to the topic is examined.

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The management of an organization aim for the highest level of performance possible that may be indicated by company ranking in the industry, market share, earnings per share, market price per share, among others. To attain its aim, the organization acquires machineries, equipment, and facilities that meet the standards of quality.

Another factor of production is the human resources or people. They man the machineries and equipment and other forms of resources in order to attain the desired level of output. However, people's level of production is greatly affected by how they act and how they behave in an organization either as individuals or members of a group, team, or a business unit. This is where the area of organizational behaviour comes in.

According to Newstrom (1997), organizational behaviour is the study and application of knowledge on how people act as individuals and as groups. It identifies ways in handling people so that they can act more effectively. Hence human behaviour helps a manager to understand the behaviour of people in organization - the nature, the cause, and the consequences of a particular behaviour.

There are important concepts that must be understood in relation to organizational behaviour. These include the following:

1. Interpersonal relations. This is the relation that exists between two people. It can be the relation between two employees in a particular unit or department or, between a superior and a subordinate. Healthy interpersonal relations will greatly affect how ...

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