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Personal Opinion on the Needs Theory (Maslow's Theory, ERG, Motivator-Hygiene)

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Personal opinion on the needs theory (Maslow's theory, ERG, motivator-hygiene, and achievement motivation) and the process theory (expectancy, equity, goal setting, and reinforcement theories) of motivation are applicable in different situations and cultures. Compare, contrast, and discuss multinational management applications of these two categories of motivation theories. What challenges would multinationals experience as they apply these theories of motivation to work environment?

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Personal opinion on the needs theory (Maslow's theory, ERG, motivator-hygiene,

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Different cultures are motivated by different needs, wants, and cultural identities. A collectivist culture such as Japan will require different motivational factors in a multinational company than an individualistic country such as the United States. Therefore, any multinational should focus on and identify cultural characteristics, qualities, and needs ...

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