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Theory of Motivation

The article spoke about cutting down on employee benefits as a cost saving effort. In my opinion, employees may be satisfied more so nowadays with just maintaining employment in an ever-growing unemployment rate. The data provided in the article shows that employees now rank job security as the most important aspect of satisfaction. With this in mind, employers can cut back on benefits they offer and still keep employees happy with having a job.

Applying a theory of motivation such as e.g. Herzberg's motivator-hygiene theory, Equity Theory, Vroom's theory, write a 200 word post in which you explain what this data means (using the selected theory). List at least three reasons why workers might be more satisfied with their jobs than in the past. List at least one reason why you think workers may be more motivated by job security rather than salary and benefits in difficult economic times.

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Frederick Herzberg performed a study to understand employee attitudes and motivation. He wanted to know which factors cause satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace. Employees were interviewed and asked which pleased and displeased them in the job. Herzberg found out that the factors that motivate them were not necessarily those that caused job dissatisfaction. To explain the results, he developed the motivation-hygiene theory wherein he calls the satisfying factors as motivators while the dissatisfying factors as hygiene factors, calling them 'hygiene' due to its nature that they are factors that have to be maintained to prevent dissatisfaction but they don't really satisfy the employees (NetMBA.com).

Among the motivator factors are ...

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Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene Theory (Two Factor Theory) described, and reasons why workers may be more motivated by job security than salary during difficult times. References are included.