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Behaviors of motivational theories

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Evaluate the effectiveness of my selected motivational theories to include Maslow's hierarchy theory and Herzberg's motivation-hygiene theory. Explain the various behaviors of each.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the Maslow's 'Hierarchy theory of Motivation'. We will also evaluate the effectiveness of the motivational theory and assess the behavior of the theory. It will assist in understanding the importance of the theory in enhancing the motivation level. //

The behavior of the Maslow's Hierarchy Theory

There are 5 levels identified in the need hierarchy given by Maslow. They are as follows (McKenna, 2000):

Physiological needs

This is the first and the most basic level in the hierarchy of needs. It corresponds to the unlearned basic needs including the needs of hunger, thirst, house and sleep. If these needs are satisfied once, they are no longer a means of motivation. Then the person will be motivated through the next level of needs which is higher than this basic level.

Safety needs

It is equivalent to security needs. There is physical as well as emotional safety.

Love needs

The third level of needs is the need for love and it corresponds to the needs for affiliation and affection. The needs under this level of needs can also be described as social or belongingness needs.

Esteem needs

This is a relatively higher need of humans. It consists of the needs for power, status and achievement. It includes the needs for both, self esteem and esteem from others.

Self-actualization needs

This level of needs indicates the culmination of all the needs including the higher level, intermediate and lower level needs of individuals in the organizations. This level is achieved when people become self actualized or self fulfilled and have realized all their potential.

Effectiveness of the theory

According to ...

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