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The Application of Motivational Theories

Research motivational theories and choose a least three. Write ideas for a paper in which you discuss the principles behind the theories and present examples of their application in business today.
Reference all sources using APA format.

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The incentive theory of motivation is an interesting and highly utilized motivational theory. This motivational theory is based upon the principle that individuals can be motivated to act in certain ways, or to exhibit certain behaviors, based upon a reward that will be provided to the individual upon exhibiting such behaviors. Once an individual has been rewarded for the behavior that they have exhibited, then they will be more highly motivated to continue to exhibit this behavior in the future, due to the fact that they have received a beneficial reward every time that they have exhibited that behavior in the past. A very good example of the application of this theory in business today is the incentive bonus program that is offered too many CEOs for ensuring that the organization meets certain profit margins in a given fiscal year, etc. Once these individuals receive a lucrative bonus for meeting or exceeding the profit margins that must be met to receive a ...

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This solution describes the utilization of motivational theories in a business environment.