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    Article about Effectiveness of Video Streaming Teaching

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    Review of Previous Research

    - How closely is the literature cited in the study related to previous literature?
    - Is the review recent?
    See the attachment.

    - Are there any seminal or outstanding references you know of that were left out?

    Problem and Purpose

    - Can you understand the statement of the problem?
    - Is the purpose of the study clearly stated?
    - Does the purpose seem to be tied to the literature that is reviewed?
    - Is the objective of the study clearly stated?
    - Is there a conceptual rationale to which the hypotheses are grounded?
    - Is there a rationale for why the study is an important one to do?

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    Review of Previous Research

    The literature cited in the study is closely related to previous literature, which focuses on the
    debate over whether distance education can deliver the same results as face to face learning. This
    study begins with a discussion of the benefit of streaming video, and then shifts focus to online learning
    in general. The later discussion is very closely related to a meta-analysis conducted by the U. S.
    Department of Education (Means, et al, 2009). Like this study, the analysis conducted by the U.S.
    Department of Education investigated previous studies that "contrasted an online to a face to face
    Condition, measured student learning outcomes, used a rigorous research design and provided
    adequate information to calculate an effect size" (Means et al, 2009). Though the study provides
    many sources to support its hypothesis, it focuses on only two courses offered in one institution,
    for its final analysis.

    The review is recent, as it references literature ...

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    The solution critiques the article about effectiveness of video streaming teaching.