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    Test if video steaming as effective as face to face instruction

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    - Was the sample selected in such a way that you think it is representative of the population?
    - Is it clear where the sample came from and how it was selected?
    - How similar are the participants in the study to those who have been used in similar studies?

    Results and Discussion
    - Does the author relate the results to the review of literature?
    - Are the results related to the hypothesis? Is the discussion of the results consistent with the actual results?
    - Does the discussion provide closure to the initial hypothesis presented by the author?

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    The sample was not selected in a way that is representative of the population. In this case,
    the population would be college students in a Business course. The sample includes a section of one
    course (ECO 3401) section at the University of Central Florida, compared to another section of the same
    course. If the aim is to compare learning by video streaming to traditional classroom learning, the
    sample size should be larger and should include students in other courses, in other U.S. institutions. This
    study compares students in two different course sections, for one semester only. To accurately gauge
    student performance for sections using streaming video versus face to face options, the study must look
    at student performance over time. It is not random, as ...

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    The expert tests is video steaming as effective as face to face instructions are examined.