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    Pros/cons of Technology Delivered Instruction (TDI)

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    What are some pros and cons of a TDI (technology delivered instruction) program for organizations?

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    Technology delivered instruction (TDI) includes web-based instruction, instruction via CD-ROM, and video conferencing, among others, and it can be synchronous or asynchronous. A synchronous, or real-time, TDI might include an instructor giving a lecture via live video conference or an interactive virtual classroom in which students all have headsets and are connected with voice and/or video. In contrast, an asynchronous TDI might include a student following a self-paced study program or an instructor-led series of readings and activities that are done at any time, ...

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    This solution describes the pros and cons of Technology Delivered Instruction (TDI) in organizations. It defines and offers examples of TDI, as well as analyzing the pros and cons.