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Characteristics of Online Courses

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List the 3 characteristics of a blended course. What kinds of implications and considerations for this type of course be deliberated on for creating online instructions? What are some pros and cons of a blended course as a delivery of instruction?

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It should be noted that blended learning has been around for quite some time, even before online courses became available. The overarching concept is that blending learning is distance learning. For the most part, the student works independently on various projects, assignments, and labs and then supplements that with visits to the physical classroom at pre-determined times and locations as dictated by ...

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Need articles on importance of online education including effectivemess in nursing education


I am busy writing a paper on Cultural competence in Nursing.
My instructor had the foll. to say: ~~~In your literature review I do not see anything addressing the use of online education to teach cultural competence. You should include some information about the effectiveness and growth of online learning,(I have already addressed this section ) and anything in the literature that would support its effectiveness in nursing education( I need some help coming uo with some real true example(peer reviewed articles etc here) that would strengthen my paper and syudy.

~All works should be cited and paraphrased as per APA and Turnitin-- Make sure that at least 80% of literature cited is from peer-reviewed sources.

maybe real examples of similar interventions, stating that this can work, what the nurses reported etc., pre and post tests? how it affected their delivery of care etc? Thanks

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