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What factors influence high dropouts in eLarning?

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Conduct a literature study and identify factors which contribute to a student drop out in online learning. Give references. 300 words required.

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eLearning has seen massive growth in recent years with the advent of massive open online courses (MOOCs), educational platforms, learning management systems (LMS), and social collaboration tools. Easy access to online courses has provided students with an excellent opportunity to register and acquire knowledge at their convenience. Thus, a considerable number of students enroll in the courses online, however, not all of the students complete the course. The dropout rate of students in online courses is much higher than those of brick and mortar educational setting, where student dropout is a well-studied area [1, 2].

In online learning, the factors which attribute to student dropout consists of student-related factors and course-related factors. Lack of student's motivation is ...

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Factors contributing to student's drop out can broadly be classified into two categories. Those which directly relate to a student and those which relate to the course. Provided solutions lists and explain these factors with references in over 300 words.