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PTSD Article Discussion

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Could you please do an "objective" conversational response on how this person has done on their discussion on Meta-Analysis article?

Your expert objective response should contribute thoughtful, unique and interesting information to add to their discussion.

The article that I chose to work with is the meta-analysis research which is designed to focus on contrasting and combining results from different studies. (Sanchez-Meca, 2010). Since I have found that my interest is working with PTSD, I found an article on comparative efficacy.

In this study there were 61 different methods in which ranged from rapid eye movement to drug therapies. In terms of symptom reduction, psychological therapies were more effective than drug therapies, and both were more effective than controls. (Kauffman, 1987)

Through the study of the many different therapies it is shown that the desensitization therapies had some of the most effective methods due to the actual reconditioning of the brain and taking away the parts of the memory in which caused the disorder. The study did not take any one particular type of gender and or demographic, these were randomly selected patients from a care facility. Some of the participants were given a placebo during the drug portion to see what the validity of the drugs and how they worked with the PTSD.

With the assessments being documented by self and by professional, previous meta-analyses have shown that interviewer-rated scales consistently yield larger effect-sizes than self-report scales. (Taylor, 1995) This could only mean that individuals are more likely to be honest in the documentation process when done with an interviewer versus doing it on their own.

Concurrently there will always be studies in PTSD as some of the clinical trials work and don't work. This could be due to the type of psychological issue that a patient has and the severity of the situation in which the PTSD is being evaluated for. There will never be one particular answer to any of the questions hence why we can continue our studies in PTSD and find various new initiatives to solve and subside PTSD patients.

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