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PTSD and societal equity

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(a) Do you feel that PTSD affects all segments of society equally? Why or why not?

(b) Are the available treatments for PTSD administered by health professionals effective? Why or why not?

(c) Do you feel that there is a stigma associated with this mental illness?

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First off, as you demonstrate a clear understanding of PTSD prevalence, this article gives some solid definitions:

Jason, L. A., Mileviciute, I., Aase, D. M., Stevens, E., DiGangi, J., Contreras, R., & Ferrari, J. R. (2011). How Type of Treatment and Presence of PTSD affect Employment, Self-regulation, and Abstinence. North American Journal Of Psychology, 13(2), 175-185.

The authors describe symptoms of PTSD as "intense feelings of fear and anxiety, which may lead individuals with this disorder towards avoidance of people, places, or situations that could cause them to re-experience the trauma (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Individuals with PTSD also experience self-regulation impairments - a reduction in their ability to logically regulate responses to goals, priorities and environmental demands (Tangney, Baumeister, & Boone, 2004). Impairment of self-regulation causes individuals to experience increased emotional distress, periods of dissociation, loss of trust in relationships and meaning in life, and chronic health problems that cannot be medically explained (Roth, Newman, Pelcovitz, van der Kolk, & Mandel,
1997)" (176).

This article also articulates the population with high PTSD rates:

Garske, G. G. (2011). Military-related PTSD: A Focus on the Symptomatology and Treatment Approaches. Journal Of Rehabilitation, 77(4), 31-36.

Garske insists how "Military returnees are experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health problems in numbers not seen since the war in Vietnam" (31).

a) I feel that PTSD is a bit ...

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