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    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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    700 Words (PTSD) psychological disorder and a local organization that provides mental health services.

    •Research the organization's website
    •Identify multiple cultures the organization serves.
    •Identify symptoms of your selected disorder and describe how the interpretation of the symptoms varies across cultures.
    •Discuss how the impact of culture affects interpretations of symptoms and recommendations of services for that organization.

    Include at least three credible, peer-reviewed references

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    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is commonly considered to be male affliction, but statistics do not bear this out. It has been revealed that 60.7% of PTSD victims are male, but 51.2% of women also experience an episode of PTSD during their lifetime as well (Favidi & Yadollahie, 2012, p. 3). Because of this, it is important to understand not only who suffers from PTSD, but why they suffer as well. This will help lead to more effective ways to treat the disorder. Already we know that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has various triggers, such as "being taken hostage or kidnapped, confinement as a prisoner of war, torturer, terrorist attack, severe car accidents, and natural disasters" (Favidi & Yadollahie, 2012, p. 2). This is actually just the tip of the iceberg. Any type of trauma can actually lead to PTSD and society needs to be able to help those individuals when such a disorder occurs as a result of one of these tragedies.
    Researchers and other interested stakeholders have long been interested in determining how best to treat the individual suffering from PTSD. Specifically, the treatment that proves most effective is what everyone is striving for. Favidi and Yadollahie (2012) strongly suggest that PTSD can be best treated if the symptoms for the disorder are discovered quickly and an actual treatment program is quickly prescribed and implemented. This enables people suffering from PTSD to understand early on that they do have a problem and, if they are willing to receive assistance, the effects could theoretically be minimized.
    It is also important to realize that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects individuals around the globe at different levels. People from 'Western' countries, for example, tend to exhibit higher rates of PTSD than those ...

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