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    Analysis of the article "Beware the Disconnect"

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    In their 2005 article, Zahlis and Hansen warn organizations to "Beware the Disconnect". What do they mean by this "disconnect", and in what ways do you think it might apply to the military? Answer is over 600 words, with 3 references.

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    Two examples of a military "disconnect" - one that occurred based on President's Bush speech; and the other has been ongoing for years - PTSD.

    In the article Beware the Disconnect (reference 1); Zahlis and Hansen explain that a "disconnect" occurs when an individuals or even groups have vastly different perspectives on a topic or data presented. The example used in this article is that of a company president commending employees for a historical safety performance. The accolades include a fifth consecutive year of decreased injury rates, along with "the best practices" in safety programs. When words such as "historical" and "best" are used; the perception is likely these are positive results. By contrast, the company Chief Financial Officer (CFO) spoke to the group next. The CFO paints a completely different picture of "hemorrhaging loss dollars" due to a triple in accruals. The CFO's closing is also very dismal by lamenting "What you are doing isn't working" - which is completely contradictory to the company president's message.

    One of the early, most publicized military ...

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    This answer is over 600 words, with 3 references, on the Zahlis & Hansen article "Beware the Disconnect". This occurs when an individual or group has a vastly different prospective of a scenario or topic than others. Examples presented are from the military service.