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Critiquing Articles & Hypothesis

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Part I.

I need help wording a hypothesis for my study. My subject of interest is in trauma and/or Post Traumatic Stress. Then, with the hypothesis in mind, I would like you to to direct me to an example of a critique of a scientific journal articles.

I believe that this should include the following but I am not certain:

a. Author(s) and Date of publication
b. Title of article/dissertation
c. Journal name, volume, and page numbers
d. Hypothesis/purpose/predictions
e. Results

Please compile a 4 references APA style that I may use as examples. This should be made up of books, journals, newspapers, as well as web articles. Thank you.

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This solution assists in identifying a hypothesis for a study on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as assists in how to critique a journal article with references.