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Critique of an Experiment

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Using established guidelines, critique the data collection, analysis, and implications of a published quantitative study.

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The purpose of a research critique is to determine whether the findings can be utilized by you. The first element of a research critique involves determining the purpose of the study. The questions to be asked about the element include questions of clarity of the purpose; relevancy of the practice; need for the study; for example, will this study improve nursing practices?

The second element of critique involves the design of the research. The questions to ask about the second element are that whether there is framework/theory to guide the study. If there is no framework/theory to guide the study, are you able to identify how data will be collected? Another critique to ask is that who will be studied and what the plan for conducting the study is. Designing a quantitative study and ...

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This response looks at the purpose of a research critique. It discusses the purposes of a study in which findings can be utilized and looks at the design of a study.

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