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    Academic writing skills, scholarly writing using formats

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    Describes qualities of good writing. Describe a classroom teaching scenario that integrates several of them. Is it possible to isolate the traits from one another as you teach? Explain.

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    Good writing will involve a good concept and proper use of words and language grammar.
    A good writer is not afraid of going through a couple of drafts of what s/he has written and wants to write.

    The essay style of writing to describe or narrate a theory, a process, an analysis or a critique as well as original research will require thoughtful sifting of the content to be synthesized in a succinct whole piece.

    Easy to read aspects of a written piece will include:
    1. Appropriate writing technique such as use of active voice instead of passive voice
    Simple, clear words and explanations or definition of technical terms
    2. A coherent thesis or problem statement at the start of the essay, so that the reader can follow along the development of the rest of the paper or written article
    3. Good writing will mean different ways in which a written piece conveys information or knowledge, depending on the field related to which a piece of writing is being ...

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    Academic writing skills, scholarly writing using style formats of APA and MLA