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Writing and Critical Thinking

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Remove the vagueness and ambiguous, describe the relationship between critical thinking and clear writing.

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What your professor is asking you to realize in completing this assignment is that you must apply critical thinking skills when you write to produce something worth reading.

As an example, consider making a PowerPoint presentation on any subject. You must use your critical thinking skills while doing your research. What resources should you use, that are scholarly and that most effectively support the position you want to present on this topic? What portions of the resources will you choose to best support your arguments with quotes or paraphrases? When is it best to quote, and which ones should you paraphrase? HOW should you paraphrase the content and information from your resources to maintain the original meaning from the ...

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Why do critical thinking skills need to be used whenever someone writes? Why is this important, having the brain critically engaged when writing? Examples given of the thinking decisions that must be made to create a powerpoint presentation to show how many, many decisions are made during the writing process. Online resource for writing tips included.

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