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    Three essential lessons learned in this program up to this point

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    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on the lessons you have learned thus far in the program.
    Include the following in your paper:
    Describe in detail three essential lessons learned in this program up to this point, including possible applications or further explorations of the concepts learned.
    Explain how you might use your learning to contribute to your existing communities and what new communities might you join.
    Describe what improvements you have made in your scholarly writing and critical thinking skills. Consider including what you have learned from your learning portfolio.
    The paper must reflect scholarly writing conventions, with appropriate in-text citations and references according to APA guidelines. See reflective from my class that I did.

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    //The following paper will provide a reflective study of the learning and improvements that have been acquired in the course of study. Moreover, the paper will provide a detailed description of learning outcomes that has been acquired in the doctoral program. It is essential to undertake research in an appropriate manner, which in turn, provides solution to the research problem.//

    The doctoral program has proved to be very beneficial in enhancing my knowledge base and skills. Throughout the doctoral program, I have undergone various exercises and activities, which have provided me a fun learning opportunity. All the activities undertaken have enhanced my skills and competencies to a profound extent. While undergoing a doctoral program, constant learning is attained through interaction with others, which is essential in the corporate world. Learning is not only attained through course books and classroom lectures, but a practical perspective can also be attained through activities and exercises. During the doctoral program, a lot of hard work and effort was put, which has helped me to deal with extreme pressure. Moreover, it is very important to acquire constant learning as it grooms the personality of an individual.
    This doctorate program has proved to be very beneficial in improving my interpersonal skills as I was able to build strong networking relationships with my mentors and other students. Additionally, my presentation skills have improved to a significant extent, which is essential to attain a desirable position in the job market. In the same line, during the entire coursework student and faculty engage in deepening connections in an activity. During a dialogic discourse, socializing with other scholars, practitioners and leaders have influenced my personality to a great extent. Due to interaction with other leaders and practitioners, I have adopted critical thinking skills, which have helped me to solve a problem in an effective manner. Innovation and creativity are essential to succeed and grow in every discipline. Thus, while undergoing this doctorate program, I am able to apply multiple logics, which helped me to enhance my learning. Also, I am able to acquire innovative skills by constantly bringing fresh insights into the classrooms. As I have acquired abundant learning in this coursework, I have become ...

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    The three essential lessons learned in the program up to this point are determined. The response addresses the query in 1471 words.