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    Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests Simulation

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    Complete the simulation "Applying ANOVA and Nonparametric Tests" Prepare a summary addressing the following items:

    4. What are three lessons you learned relative ANOVA and Nonparametric tests?

    As a result of using this simulation, what concepts and analytic tools will you be able to use in your workplace (i.e., how do you expect to apply what you learned)?

    Based on your experience, what additional information would you recommend to the key decision maker in the simulation to solve the challenge given?

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    a. What are the lessons you learned relative ANOVA and Nonparametric tests?

    While doing the simulation; the three lessons learned are as follows:

    Monitor - the situation.
    Measure - provide measurements, accumulate data.
    Improve - provide solutions for improvement.

    The ANOVA was used for multiple studies and the population is assumed to be a normal distribution. Also, it can be used to test for significant differences between means. On the other hand, the nonparametric test makes no assumption about the type of distribution. In the workplace, we can see the benefit of the ANOVA by comparing previous years and current budget within my unit. I'll be able to see the difference of the annual budget and actual expenses for each year. The variances will fluctuate but if there's a significant increase or decrease an evaluation will be required. This will ...

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