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    Find an external company conducting sustainability audits fo

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    Chapter 9 in the text discusses external companies conducting sustainability audits for corporations. Find an external auditing company on the Internet.

    In an APA formatted with references page document, discuss the services that company offers, along with any specific reports it provides.

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    External Auditing Company - EisnerAmper

    External companies conduct sustainability audits for corporations. EisnerAmper is one of those external auditing companies. "They serve both public and private companies and are the 15th largest accounting firm in the nation, and is the largest regional firm along the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia corridor, in the Northeast section (EisnerAmper, 2011).

    Services Offered

    EisnerAmper offers many services. The following are those in detail:

    1) Accounting Services
    Furnishes any size company the accounting support it needs with a variety of accounting processes, financial statement preparation, and IRS Tax Audits.

    2) Auditing and Assurance
    Provides a range of auditing and review services for internal controls or performance reporting. These ...

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