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    HP reporting and sustainability

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    Explain how HP plans for capital budgeting and risk assessment.

    Explain HP reporting and disclosure of its sustainability measures, including any metrics used and audits performed.

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    Explain how HP plans for capital budgeting and risk assessment.

    The company identifies each risk individually, (i.e. management of suppliers, natural disasters, management of research and development, problems with sales cycles) and breaks down the risk, analyzes it, and then notes alternative ways to prevent or improve the management of the risk. The company does not just note the risk factors, but explains each risk in detail and how the risk might occur. Such a thorough risk assessment, written into the annual report, shows forethought on the issues facing the company and shows investors and stakeholders the importance of risk in the business along with giving people an opportunity to note risk factors and ...

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    Based on supplied questions, how HP plans capital budgeting and does risk assessment, reports sustainability and audits for same.