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    Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Describe the trends in CSR. Support your rationale with research

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    //In the era of intense globalization where the world is changing at a rapid pace, it is leaving a profound implication on the business, which affects the Corporate Social Responsibility and the way business respond to society's expectations. In this paper, we are going to identify the major trends in CSR, which is changing the world of corporate social responsibility//

    There are different trends in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the major ones are firstly, emergence of employee engagement. In the era of intense competition, the connection between CSR and employee engagement is growing at a rapid pace. It is identified that when a company actively develops a worthy environmental and social efforts, more employees are engaged towards the workplace (CSR & Sustainability in 2012: 5 Trends, 2012). Companies who have highly ...

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