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    corporate social responsibility, citizenship, utilitarianism

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    1. Define and explain the concept of corporate social responsibility.

    2. Explain the concept of corporate citizenship model of CSR.

    3. Explain the concept of enlightened self-interest model of CSR and relate it to utilitarianism.

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    1.Define and explain the concept of corporate social responsibility.

    The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is broadly used to mean different things. As the CSR industry evolves and new products or trends develop there is a tendency to dismiss previous trends as "less sophisticated" or obsolete and an attempt to redefine the industry around the newly identified phenomena. The purpose of this article is to suggest taxonomy of CSR incorporating all of these trends, particularly those that fall within the external CSR movement more commonly known as corporate giving.

    Today, CSR is a commonly used but sometimes misunderstood term. In an effort to make some sense of CSR, it is helpful to recognize that the overall movement has evolved into two perspectives: one related to internal corporate behaviors and the other related to external corporate behaviors. Internal behaviors refer to the way a corporation conducts the day-to-day operations of its core business functions. External behaviors refer to a corporation's engagement outside of its direct business interest; this behavior has traditionally been defined as a corporation's giving program. By coupling internal and external CSR perspectives, we see that corporations have not only financial commitments to their shareholders, employees and consumers, but also social and environmental commitments to them, as well as the communities affected by their activities.

    Reference: http://www.iaf.gov/grants/downloads/csr_eng.pdf.pdf

    CSR is a concept that frequently overlaps with similar approaches such as corporate sustainability, corporate sustainable development, corporate responsibility, and corporate citizenship. While CSR does not have a universal definition, many see it as the private sector's way of integrating the economic, social, and environmental imperatives of their activities. As such, CSR closely resembles the business pursuit of sustainable development and the triple bottom line. In addition to integration into corporate structures and processes, CSR also frequently involves creating ...

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