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    Economic, Political and Civil Spheres

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    How does Bank of America show corporate citizenship in the three different spheres: economic, political, and civil. I need specific examples, and to examine the company's own image, what I have experienced and what the stakeholders have said or experienced.

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    Bank of America corporate citizenship overview

    Economic Sphere -
    Bank of America is the nation's largest financial institution and the fifth largest company (by revenue) in the country. It employs over two hundred thousand people and operates throughout the Unites States and over 40 foreign countries. It holds approximately 12% of all U.S bank deposits with over 57 million customers and assets in excess of two trillion dollars. By virtue of its size, market share and footprint, Bank of America wields tremendous economic clout within the Unites States financial system.
    This great influence within the financial system requires that Bank of America provide a great deal of economic stewardship. In this realm, Bank of America has provided and fostered strong local communities ...

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    The solution discusses the economic, political and civil spheres.