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    Companies and CSR Trends

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    Increased awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among shareholders is one reason for the CSR trends. The interest in new CSR policies is enticed by the perceived opportunity to increase revenues. Consumers, employees, and shareholders are interested in finding effective new CSR policies with the hope to reap its benefits. This Solution will discuss the ways corporations react to changes in the external and internal environment that forces corporations to restructure their CSR practices.

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    External Environmental Factors:

    Companies cannot underestimate the importance of paying attention to how its production affects the environment. The concerns for global warming, emission of CO2 gases, and corporate social responsibility became more prevalent within the last twenty years, making it more difficult for companies to get away with environmentally unfriendly policies. The airline industry has made significant investments toward their efforts to reduce environmental hazards throughout the world, especially in Europe and North America. The airline industry can't risk underestimating the necessity of forecasting and complying with environmental regulations at the local and regional level. Most airlines have implemented environmental departments within their organizations, to enforce compliance at the corporate level. Decisions that need to be made at the corporate level require large amounts of corporate expenses should be made at the uppermost levels of the company (Reingold & Moorman, 1993). Environmental programs are costly to many companies, but can actually be cost effective for an airline. According to US Air executive Gregory Shamitko, "the real issue is that the cost of not complying ...

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    Corporate Social Responsibility and how corporations react to changes are discussed in this Solution.