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Improving CSR in the United States

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How can a foreign subsidiary located in the United States improve its CSR in the United States? Are attitudes toward CSR in the United States changing as more foreign subsidiaries locate within the United States? How and why?

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There are a few different steps that a foreign subsidiary can take, which would increase its corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the United States. The foreign subsidiary should essentially act in the same way that we're seeing domestic companies act, in regards to CSR activities. Some of the biggest companies in America are taking a step back, and strategically analyzing their company, the economy, the environment, and where the company makes the biggest impact. Management in those companies is then devising a strategic plan of impact in regards to CSR. For example, Starbucks has intensive ...

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This solution discusses foreign subsidiaries, attitudes towards CSR, and related issues. A very thorough discussion is provided.

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